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Organic, making it more potent and pure

Grown Outdoors for ideal soil and climate conditions

CO2 Critically Extracted to retain its full spectrum of Cannabinoids 

Available in tubes of   3g/50e    6g/90e    9g/120e  &  12g/150e 

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How CBD works in the body

Every vertebrate on the planet including every human being manufactures Cannabinoid substances within their organism as part of their internal nervous messaging systems. The system is named the Endo Cannabinoid systems (ECS) as the the biochemistry of the molecules is identical to those found in the Cannabis family.
Like the lymphatic, endocrine or vascular system the Endocannabinoid system is a fundamental part of every vertebrate organism. It functions in the complex internal messaging and signaling between the cells, organs and nervous system. To be healthy it is essential that it’s in balance as it is the system that creates balance throughout the whole body. If it is out of balance we will be suffering from some kind of inflammatory condition or pain.
Pain is the body’s cry for help. The ECS is very closely connected with pain and abatement of pain. Within the body Cannabinoids are continuously manufactured by the body and bind to specific receptors in the body; the CB1 and CB2 recpetors.
We also need Omega 3 to have the EndoCannabinoidSystem work properly. EFA’s (Essential Fatty Acids) really are essential! They are the building blocks of the endo Cannabinoids. If we are short on the EFA’s then we cannot manufacture Cannabinoids. Our ECS becomes compromised and stressed and we feel pain. We feel pain because endoCannabinoids are not being produced to ease that pain. It just doesn’t have the basic building blocks. If you are suffering from chronic constant pain it’s likely that your ECS is exhausted and you have inflammation. Almost everyone is suffering from this on some level.
Simply put CBD is an anti-inflammatory. The body manufactures CBD utilizing Omega 3 as a raw material. When these two are running low there is trouble. If we are under stress and suffering from pain and the body cannot manufacture enough CBD due to malnutrition then more than likely we will be suffering from an inflammation related disease arthritis- asthma- crohn’s- fibromyalgia almost all disease is caused by inflammation.
CBD Oil Benefits

Scientific research shows the many health benefits of CBD Cannabidiol.

It has been proven to have therapeutic impact on a wide range of health conditions, including:

Pain relief
Combats tumor and cancer cells
Combats Depression disorders
Combats inflammatory disorders
Combats analgesic and neurodegenerative disorders
Reduces nicotine craving
Potent Digestive Aid
Reduces risk of artery blockage
Suppressing appetite
Reduces blood sugar levels
Reducing vomiting & nausea
Kills or slows bacterial growth
Reducing contractions in small intestine
Treats fungal infection
Inhibits cell growth in tumors/cancer cells
Relieves anxiety
Tranquilizing, used to manage psychoses
Reduce seizures and convulsions
Suppresses muscle spasms
Promotes brain tissue growth in alcoholism
Promotes bone growth
Promotes brain tissue growth in alcoholism
Increases efficacy of the immune system
Treats psoriasis
Reduces nervous system degeneration