I’m Rubina, a.k.a Rawbina, over 10 years ago I began to introduce people to raw vegan food in Cork Ireland where I lived at the time. The journey began in 2007 when I did a 10 day cleansing fast called the ‘master cleanse’ when it was time to eat again I wanted to eat the cleanest healthiest foods available. Then began a 10+ year journey with raw vegan food.

I experimented with recipes and began eating all raw vegan foods, when I mastered the recipes and was eating raw for about a year i began teaching people how to introduce this healthy lifestyle. I called to peoples homes and helped them to transform their kitchens to accommodate healthier eating and demonstrate how to prepare the food. Sometimes the whole family got involved, or a ladies night with the friends and neighbours. As more people became interested I studied further with the Irish School of Herbal Medicine to top up my knowledge

I hosted regular classes in hired venues. I visited schools and colleges and hosted themed banquets and provided catering for parties and events. I began trading at the local farmers markets and supplied health food stores and supermarkets. I worked at retreats and festivals and shared the passion where ever I could

I began to travel in 2015, first to south america and showed some cafes and restaurants how to incorporate more healthy and raw dishes on their menu. Since that trip my diet has become more flexible and I’ve become a keen traveller, although I always do my best to source the healthiest foods around

I am available to restaurants who want to incorporate raw/vegan/healthy dishes on their menu

I specialise in raw food, super-food, wild food, fermented food, medicinal herbs, medicinal mushrooms and other health boosting tonics & elixirs and available to teach classes and provide catering for such

email rawbina1@gmail.com for a quote


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  1. Good Day Rubina. I would like to include some of your recipes in my up and coming book “Child In Crisis” and would like to know if these are your original recipes and if so would you give me authorization to use them? Of course I will make mention of you in the credits section of the book. Please let me know if this is OK. We will need to communicate via email for authorization. Thanks!
    Robert Miranda HHP, NRT

  2. Hi Rubina, I was just in the Quay Co-op Cork and was talking to one of the ladies there (I didn’t get her name) who directed me to your website. Over the last year I’ve done a lot of research into the raw vegan diet and truly believe that it is the best way to eat. I became vegetarian last September and have since tried to predominantly eat vegan – I may not be there yet, but my diet up until dinner is usually raw vegan. I purchased your Gourmet Raw Pizza today – it was delicious.
    Hopefully I’ll get to one of your classes soon 🙂

    1. Hi Charlene, thank you for your nice words. I’m glad you are doing well on your healthy food choices and happy you enjoyed the pizza. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions or send me your email address for email updates etc rawbina1@gmail.com

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